Durty Nelly’s – Perfect Pair


To celebrate the most Guinness and Kilkennys being poured and sold in Australia, humble little Irish Pub, Durty Nelly's wanted some concept advertising with a big message...
So we've combined, big pints, two hands and two.... :)

Thank you for not telling us ‘to be careful’! With this artwork I wanted to make people smile - who gets it.



Clients opinion

Project was done during a work along with Identity Perth.

The biggest seller Guinness & Kilkenny

Durty Nelly’s was designed and constructed in Ireland by Irish architects, using genuine Irish materials. It was then disassembled, transported to Shafto Lane in the heart of Perth Western Australia and reassembled. In this sense, it is safe to say that Durty Nelly’s is Perth’s first and only genuine Irish pub.